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Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders




Coalition Joins Effort to End Killer's Reign  

July 16, 1988  

Patricia Williams stood outside a grocery store in South-Central Los Angeles on Tuesday, trying to catch the man who murdered her niece. 

Williams passed out flyers warning of the Southside Serial Killer to shoppers walking through the automatic doors. She patrolled the parking lot, tucking the circulars, complete with a police composite, under windshield wipers. And she talked to reporters, imploring people to help in the cause.



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These are not throw away women, they are some mother's daughter, some of them are mothers and it's outrageous to have this kind of devaluation of human life.

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How the ‘Grim Sleeper’ got away with killing L.A.’s black women

Prescod estimates at least 200 African-American women are missing and as many as 100 have been killed on the streets of South Central, an impoverished, gang-ridden part of Los Angeles.

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